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The F-35 fighter is an overpraised fighter. The lagging phased array radar and weak maneuverability are the main features of the aircraft. Many media regard it as the world's top fighter, but today it is a serious water flooding. In fact, its combat capability is very limited.

The fighter uses a high thrust F-135 engine as its power source. Its thrust is up to 19 tons, and it will be further increased to more than 20 tons in the future. In fact, this is not a very strong engine research and development industry in the United States. Rather, since its inception, the engine has sacrificed all the maneuverability and speed in exchange for high thrust.

With the same single-engine high thrust engine, the fighter 10A can still achieve the highest speed of Mach 1.8 or more by relying on the 12.5-ton AL31 engine. Why is the F-35 fighter equipped with the fourth generation high thrust less than Mach 1.6? According to Lockheed Martin's official flight envelope, the aircraft has a maximum speed of Mach 1.53, and is likely the result of a high-speed dive.

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